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    Post by kirok on Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:37 pm

    Hi, I'm Alex, from Italy...
    When I grew up my company I would improve Wine trade, because I'm a really wine lover, but at the begin I couldn't start with wine, because it's too expansive to produce...
    So I built a lot of plantation, for starting with basic products like wood, cotton and seeds...
    I searched in the forum some buyers and I start a long collaboration with them...Since this moment I've been improved my capital, buildings and productions and now I could produce a lot of different stuff, for all company needs.

    In this moment I'm trying to specialize in wine shop and change my productions step by step, but while I have to produce to improve my money and start with special collection (specially wine in my Wine Cellar)...
    This is BonelliEmpire!!!

    BonelliEmpire farao
    Fixed assets: 197,810,625.00 ¢
    Level: Billionaire
    Head Office: Congo / Realm1
    Score: 758 Buildings: 60 Coins: 0

    Turkey:113173 Mine & Well RC S:100 1000 m²
    Mauritania:111608 Cattle & Plant RC S:50 500 m²
    Turkey:113894 Technical RC S:40 400 m²
    Turkey:112320 Food RC S:50 500 m²
    Germany:113914 Chemical RC S:30 300 m²

    Silver 22
    Kapi Cola 18
    Seeds 21
    Oil 17

    Turkey:627424 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:633411 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:637270 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646291 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646292 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646293 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646414 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646415 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646416 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646417 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Turkey:646418 Factory E:70 700 m²
    Mauritania:617879 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Mauritania:623414 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Mauritania:623708 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Mauritania:632842 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Mauritania:641554 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Mauritania:644684 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Mauritania:644685 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Mauritania:644686 Plantation E:130 1300 m²
    Turkey:637784 Mine E:100 1000 m²
    Saudi Arabia:624956 Mine E:100 1000 m²
    Saudi Arabia:627104 Mine E:100 1000 m²
    Saudi Arabia:634377 Mine E:70 700 m²
    Saudi Arabia:617880 Well E:120 1200 m²
    Saudi Arabia:633412 Well E:120 1200 m²
    Mauritania:623338 Cattle-breeding E:50 500 m²
    Mauritania:625521 Cattle-breeding E:50 500 m²
    Turkey:625942 Butcher's shop E:20 200 m²
    Turkey:626223 Textile factory E:50 500 m²
    Turkey:644687 Textile factory E:50 500 m²
    Turkey:635724 Electronic factory E:25 250 m²
    Mauritania:640450 Fruit plantation E:100 1000 m²
    Congo:631578 Fruit plantation E:100 1000 m²
    Turkey:624628 Food factory E:40 400 m²
    Saudi Arabia:617881 Food factory E:40 400 m²
    Turkey:623931 Beverages factory E:20 200 m²
    Turkey:634085 Beverages factory E:30 300 m²
    Turkey:637722 Joinery E:50 500 m²
    Turkey:633363 Toy factory E:50 500 m²
    Turkey:643914 Toy factory E:50 500 m²
    Turkey:621476 Power plant E:200 2000 m²
    Turkey:633362 Power plant E:200 2000 m²
    Saudi Arabia:64501 Power plant E:200 2000 m²

    Germany:108355 Beverages store E:10 100m² (35200 AP)
    Germany:108397 Beverages store E:30 300m² (26500 AP)
    Germany:108398 Beverages store E:40 400m² (26500 AP)
    Germany:108399 Beverages store E:20 200m² (31800 AP)
    Germany:106324 Grocery E:100 1000m² (33100 AP)
    Germany:108288 Grocery E:30 300m² (27400 AP)
    Germany:109400 Grocery E:30 300m² (56550 AP)
    Germany:109401 Grocery E:50 500m² (31800 AP)
    Germany:109402 Grocery E:50 500m² (53000 AP)
    Germany:109504 Grocery E:50 500m² (42400 AP)
    Germany:109581 Grocery E:50 500m² (42400 AP)
    Germany:108007 Electronics store E:20 200m² (271000 AP)

    Germany:22478 Homeless shelter E:8 160 m²
    Germany:22425 Kindergarten E:16 320 m²
    Turkey:23347 Gallery E:2 40 m²
    Turkey:23538 Wine cellar E:1 20 m²
    Turkey:23250 Animal shelter E:1 20 m²
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    GIA President

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    BonelliEmpire Empty Re: BonelliEmpire

    Post by GIA President on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:42 pm

    Welcome Bonelli
    Benvenuto! Smile

    I hope you enjoy the forum.
    If you have any questions or suggestions to make feel free to post them or send me a PM

    In the forum please write in English but if you send me PMs you can write in Italian too Wink

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